Disaster Survival Toolbox
is to provide a place for people to share and learn about critical and dangerous situations.

About us

We are the Disaster Survival ToolBox team. Our team is organized at Hakkathon of Code for Resilience in Ishinomaki, held on 8th and 9th February, 2014. We proposed Disaster Survival ToolBox, which allows to gather and share tips for disaster time, and won the 2nd prize at the hackathon.

Some of our team members experienced the great earthquake in March 2011 in Japan. The members and their families stayed in emergency shelters at that time. They had so many difficulties at that place, for example recharging our smartphones. One member have an idea to solve this problemm using hand-cranked dynamo and a bicycle, and wished he could share this idea with everyone who had the same problem in other shelters, however, he had no ways to share the idea for them at the time.

Based on this experience, Disaster Survival ToolBox project was started. At the disaster time, an idea can be a deciding factor between life and death.

Disaster Survival Toolbox will allow to gather (or collect) and share such ideas for survival during disaster time.